Robert Brennan Hart

Canadian Cloud Council

Bruce Croxon

Round13 Capital

Jim Harris

Business Author & Public Speaker

Feridun Hamdullahpur

University of Waterloo

Kirstine Stewart


Suzanne Fortier

McGill University

Laura Kilcrease

Alberta Innovates

Rana Sarkar

Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco | Silicon Valley

Steven Koles

Hifi Engineering

Vincent Chornet


Christofer Mowry

General Fusion

Lidia Divry


Perrin Beatty

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Vicky Sharpe

Corporate Director

Bryan Cox

Mining Association of British Columbia

Santa Ono

University of British Columbia

Louis Lévesque

Finance Montréal

Frank Béraud

Montreal InVivo

Judi Hess

Copperleaf Technologies

Paul Lee

Vanedge Capital

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