Carol Anne Hilton

The Indigenomics Institute

Robert Brennan Hart

Canadian Cloud Council

David Wheeler

Academy for Sustainable Innovation

Bruce Croxon

Round13 Capital

Jim Harris

Business Author & Public Speaker

Ian McKay

Invest in Canada

Sergio Marchi

Canadian Electricity Association

Scott Vaughan

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Gordon Campbell

Government of British Columbia & Vancouver

Jacob Irving

Energy Council of Canada

Christiane Bergevin

Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Andrée-Lise Méthot

Cycle Capital Management

Chris Turner

Award-winning Author

Leor Rotchild

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility

Ed Wojczynski

Canadian Hydropower Association

Jeff Passmore

The Passmore Group

Linda Coady


Sean Collins

Terrapin Geothermics

John Barrett

Canadian Nuclear Association

Steve MacDonald

Emissions Reduction Alberta

Merran Smith

Clean Energy Canada

JP Gladu

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

Meredith Adler

Student Energy

Laura Kilcrease

Alberta Innovates

Glen Murray

The Pembina Institute

Benoit Daignault

Export Development Canada (EDC)

Jason Switzer

Alberta Clean Technology Industry Alliance (ACTia)

Mark Wiseman


Carol Anne Hilton

Advisory Council on Economic Growth

Rana Sarkar

Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco | Silicon Valley

Ed Whittingham

The Pembina Institute & Whit & Ham

Christofer Mowry

General Fusion

Lidia Divry


Perrin Beatty

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Vicky Sharpe

Corporate Director

Michael Crothers

Shell Canada

Karen Clarke-Whistler

TD Bank Financial Group

Santa Ono

University of British Columbia

Louis Lévesque

Finance Montréal

Frank Béraud

Montreal InVivo

Christopher Ragan

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission

Paul Lee

Vanedge Capital

Michael Denham

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

Dominic Barton

McKinsey & Company

Stewart Beck

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

John Manley

The Business Council of Canada

Gordon Lambert

Alberta Climate Leadership Task Force on Technology

Jeff Erikson

Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute

Richard Adamson

CMC Research Institutes

Kevin Frankowski

Kinetica Ventures

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